Choosing an Assault Course on Your Stag Weekend

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An Assault Course Activity Stag Weekend in Nottingham

If you're looking for something to really test your endurance on stag weekend then you might want to consider taking an assault course activity on your last weekend of freedom if you're feeling man enough! We all know that soldiers use assault courses to keep them fit and adept at handling difficult landscapes but this can also be fantastic fun if you choose it for your stag weekend activity. There are some great venues to choose for your assault course in the UK, with one of them being Nottingham. Here we look at why you might want to choose and assault course, what to expect and what else Nottingham has to offer a stag party!

Why an assault course on your stag weekend?

Stag weekends are known for their boisterous activity. From paintballing to go-karting, it's all about the extreme end of having fun. An assault course is no different. It challenges you and puts your body to the test as you crawl through nets and tunnels and make your way across rope swings and scale climbing walls. You may have been on an assault course when you were younger and perhaps can still remember the buzz of adrenaline as you try and make your way through the variety of obstacles. Well an assault course hasn't lost any of that excitement as you get older and what's best is now you get to enjoy it all with your mates. This is a great team building exercise that will put you all in a bonding frame of mind which is perfect for when you hit the town partying at night.

What can you expect?

When you arrive at your venue you'll be given an introductory briefing which will include any safety rules. Then it's off to get changed into your overalls and out to the course with your stag party! Here's you'll work as a team to make your way round the course. This means no one gets left behind and you are all involved in helping each other get through to the end. After an intense experience round the course expect to feel ready to find the nearest pub and sink a pint as you share your experiences of the day.

What to do in Nottingham?

Nottingham is fast becoming a staple choice of location for stag parties. With a prime location in the middle of the country, it's no wonder its nickname is "Queen of the Midlands". It's easily accessible by car from the M1 motorway making sure that even if your stags are not arriving from the area, Nottingham is relatively straight forward to get to by road.

Once there you'll have a whole world of nightlife opened up to you. Enjoy the lace market area with its outstanding upmarket bars and restaurants inhabiting the post-industrial architecture, to the Chapel quarter with a more continental feel from its al fresco dining at its bistros and restaurants. One thing's for sure, if you choose an assault course and Nottingham you can expect to need plenty of rest by the time the weekend is over!

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Choosing an Assault Course on Your Stag Weekend

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This article was published on 2010/04/02