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Today was a fantastic day for disc golf, so I headed down to Fields of Dreams DGC for a solo round. Well, actually, I took my son with me who acted as caddy/spotter for me. I think he had a good time and it was a good course to take him too. Not nearly as hilly as Campgaw, but not just a flat, grassy field, either. We even saw a turtle on one of the greens--he's a huge fan of turtles!

My feelings about the course: I really liked it. The front nine and the last few holes of the back nine are nicely placed out in the woods, and the other holes are nice, open fields. Hole number 12 is a huge par five, flat and wide open. If it were short grass, it would be great to just let your drives rip. Unlike the other open holes (9, 10, 12, 13, & 14), though, this hole is not mowed grass; it's knee-high weeds, perfect for losing discs. I know this because I lost TWO on this hole! Very frustrating!

In fact, the lush grass and weeds is my only complaint for this course. Even the wooded holes are just a bit too tall with weeds and grass, making it very easy to lose a disc or two. I think once this course gets played in a bit more (it's less than a year old, from what I understand), and the grass gets a bit more under control, this will be a super course. I'm thinking that this course will be much more fun in late fall or winter.

One other thing to note about this course: there are many holes marked as par 4 (at least four or five of them) which were not challenging at all to par. Compared to the other three courses I've played, the pars here seem very forgiving. I'm thinking either these pars are too lenient, or Campgaw and Warwick are too tough. It's hard for me to tell, having only played four courses now, but if someone who's only been playing disc golf for a month can come in 9-over (including penalties for two lost discs), it might be marked just a bit too easy. But it's a nice confidence booster.

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Fields of Dreams Disc Golf Course

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This article was published on 2010/03/29