Finding Continuing Education Courses for Psychologists and Counselors

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With its tally of 8,419, Texas may have the highest number of psychologists at the moment, but how many of these can continue to practice when their licenses expire? Just like most of the other state boards, the Texas Psychologist Licensing Renewal Board also has its own requirements. So, if you are practicing in Texas and need to get your license renewed, you will have to complete at least 12 continuing education hours with the aid of home study courses unless you have the time to go to a regular college and attend the classes. Things are not so different as far as other states are concerned, with Pennsylvania State Board acknowledging a minimum of 15 psychologist continuing education hours for license renewal.

Nevertheless, whichever state you are in, you always have the option of picking up some of the home study courses to earn your CEU credits. However, when it comes to psychologist continuing education, you may have to be a bit careful while choosing between courses. There are several institutes that are yet to gain the accreditation from the American Psychological Association (APA). Obviously, it does not make any sense to choose any of these institutes. In addition to APA’s approval, you also need to focus on the number of credits that you need to earn in order to get your license renewed.

Interestingly, continuing education credits are not only applicable to psychologists, but to counselors as well. The latter also have to earn the necessary CEU credits in order to remain abreast with the latest developments pertaining to their field and for getting their licenses renewed. So, if you are one, it is high time that you realize the importance of continuing education for counselors. Moreover, states like Illinois already have about 8,644 counselors, and the numbers are likely to grow. In such a situation, you cannot afford to lag behind others merely because of the lack of CEU credits.
Again, when looking for home study or online courses for continuing education for counselors, you must ensure that the institute is approved by the National Board for Certified Courses (NBCC). It is also imperative for you to take a closer look at the number of hours or credits that you can earn with the aid of the courses you have selected for yourself. For example, choosing courses that cannot make you earn at least 15 CE hours in Pennsylvania may not be the best thing to do as that’s the minimum eligibility according to the state license renewal board.

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Finding Continuing Education Courses for Psychologists and Counselors

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Finding Continuing Education Courses for Psychologists and Counselors

This article was published on 2012/08/08