Part Time Courses- Boon for working Professionals

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Executive programmes are actually a boon for working professionals, since they can continue with higher studies without taking a career break. In western culture, there is a trend that people start working right after their schooling. It exists in almost every European and American country and has been observed over ages and centuries. But Indian culture was not like this till almost a decade back. But with the introduction of a concept called globalization, boundary restrictions are not seen any more. With the competition intensifying day by day, students in India have also started taking up jobs during their graduation only. In a way, its good as it give live experience to the students, which is otherwise not possible sitting in the class room.

Owing to these practices, lot of students doesn't enroll for higher education. This later on proves harmful for their career as they are not able to grow up and move to higher designations in their organization. This actually has made the situation worse as corporate were not getting suitable candidates for different profiles. It was then that part time courses started gaining importance and lot of people started opting for this. Earlier, when people opted for p-art time courses, which were considered to be a negative aspect about a student.

Apart from above mentioned benefits, there are other benefits also which can be availed by taking part time courses. It helps a professional to develop that ability to learn new skill sets and get certification in certain working areas to make his/her resume more attractive. This is a very good option for working personnel, since they can't even think of taking a break from their career. In fact, a trend has been observed is that most of the people enrolling for these courses at the time of job transition. At the same point of time, this is a good option for those people also, who have financial constraints and time restrictions. Also, its helps those students who cannot go out and attend their regular courses. This problem is majorly with girls in Indian society.

Seeing the present time, almost every business school in India has started offering part time courses, which are also known as executive programmes.  More importantly, these executive courses are offered in every specialized stream. Be it management areas, advertising or logistics management, personnel from every field can go higher education while continuing their professional career.

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Part Time Courses- Boon for working Professionals

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This article was published on 2011/04/30