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More than 70000 people each year asks and tries to find out how they can to be a diver, what the demand, what's the price? Whether it is dangerous, and what they were going to learn at scuba diving lessons or course, today in this article. I will talk about diver training from the first day in the course until the end of it.

First you should get a contact with your scuba diving lessons club and tell them what you desire to do, most of the people want to pass the 1 star - open water course or the 1+2 star - advanced open water course, they will tell you their closest date of this course, and then you have to go there and take care to place to sleep and believe me, you need a decent sleep after each day.

In the first day of the scuba diving lessons course, you will have to write about your health and fitness to get an impression what kind of shape you need to be able pass the scuba diving lessons course with success, after it, you will have to sign up on the risks that you take with permission in this course scuba diving it's amazing, awe-inspiring, More... but they are risks to.

After finishing to fill the details you will go to take your personal equipment to the course at this stage you will need to take a good mask that fits your face and suit that should be at your size you will need to take fins that fit you too, and this is the place to tell you to spend 30$ about booties and save a lot of legs injuries and the booties fins are better from the leg fins, period.

Therefore, this is it, & there is more to come, I intend to publish very soon another two articles about this extensive subject of scuba diving lessons.

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Scuba Diver Training 1 of 3

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This article was published on 2010/04/03